The best
of Vietnamese cuisine

Established in 1986 by a family passionate for authenticity and efficiency, Tay Ho is taking tradition to-go.

Named after the Tay Ho District located in Vietnam's capital Hanoi, our restaurants honor the tradition of authentic and delicious Vietnamese street food.

We love Vietnamese cuisine for its rich history and versatility. The focus is on the preparation: handcrafted elements, carefully prepared batters, and fresh steamed vegetables. Ordering from Tay Ho means receiving a healthy and nutritious meal every time.


What makes it good?

Our made-to-order dishes include fresh and balanced options perfect for take-out or delivery.

Tay Ho is committed to bringing you optimal take-out food. Made from select locally sourced fresh herbs and ingredients, we also feature expertly made in-house items such as our rice crepe sheets and traditional dipping sauce.

This is what we believe in

Tay Ho is dedicated towards bringing you the best in Vietnamese and Asian cuisine. We are committed to our values:


Day to day and year after year since 1986 – our recipes and standards of service have remained exactly the same.


Our team strives to find a better, more efficient way to bring Vietnamese food to everyone.


We value creating memorable experiences for our guests and our team and nurturing those connections.


We work together to achieve results that are greater than those we can achieve alone. To us, our success is a team effort.


We recognize our role in our local neighborhood and take every opportunity as a chance to learn. Every helpful action —big and small— is meaningful.


We venture beyond our job’s responsibilities and contribute in other ways. To us, our success is a team effort. This means we prioritize our team’s well-being.


As a first-generation Vietnamese American business, we know the power of giving back to those in need and partner with organizations such as OC Drive to do just that.


We do things the right way, not the easy way. At our core, we believe in respect and hard work.

Connecting flavors of Asia with the local community
through food, service, and culture.

Letter from our Third Generation Family Business Director

For me, Tay Ho represents family.

I grew up watching my parents work hard to make the best bánh cuốn possible. I sat in restaurants doing homework while my mom helped customers, watched my grandmother bring all of us together for dinner every night.

Being able to create something people love and share it with everyone is our goal as Tay Ho continues to grow. Vietnamese cuisine tells a story, and there’s a lot of love and work that goes into it. Even now, our priority is to bring you delicious and handmade food just like I had with my family.

Looking up to those who came before me is what inspires me to work hard and give back whenever I have the chance. It also helps me believe in myself, that I can do anything I set my mind to no matter who I am. Family is why I love what I do so much, since it means getting to continue their dream and their legacy.

As Tay Ho expands, I want all of our customers walking into our restaurants to feel like they are family. I hope you’ll stop by soon to enjoy our recipes —the same ones passed down across generations— and get an honest taste of Vietnam!


Yours truly,

Vivian Yenson